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 2013 December, 30th
Joined Nakama TCG
Starter pack: presence02; presence14; friends05; friends08; generosity08; penguins14; puns05; revolver14; teller11; viola08; one pink ticket; drummer03, level004
Dec2013 releases: mirror06, roses06, june15, dancer01, loyal01, ratsbane01, shard01, skypirate01, viera01, burn05, shadows05, channel04, glimmerous07, fine06, puzzles08, fire02, black20, orange09, velvet05, kalos04, puellamagi12
[01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08] Traded roses06, burn05, shadows05, mirror06, june15, fine06, glimmerous07 and teller11 for composed07, luck07, luck09, luck11, monitor01, monitor09, monitor11 and swimmer 12 with kyousuke
2014 January, 2nd
[09,10] Traded velvet05 for swimmer03 and friends13 with glacialphoenix
[11,12] Traded orange09 and mc with ets + received grayticket as a gift
Anniversary event: mask02, presence03, friends15, monitor02, victory05, swimmer01, parallel05, thongs05, bancho11, mirror07, misandry05, ahoge11, inspire03, pierrot15, burn15, gamer09, sweeten02, mystery02, puzzles15, shadows15, tabris05, bunnies01
[13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22] Traded inspire03, ahoge11, bunnies01, gamer09, bancho11, mysstery02, pierrot15, burn15, mirror07, thongs05for diva15, friends01, mask05, mask06, misandry02, misandry03, monitor13, presence01, sweeten04, swimmer02 with kyousuke
[23] Traded shadows15 for teller02 with kyousuke
2014 January, 5th
[24,25,26] Traded ratsbane01 and shards01 for presence07 and presence08 with Admiral. Traded member cards with Admiral.
[27,28,29,30] Traded fire02, puzzles08, skypirate01 and viera01 for mystery11, roses02, risette01 and risette06 with ets
Gifted mystery11, roses02, risette01 and risette06 to kyousuke

nakama tcg

Dec. 30th, 2013 04:16 pm
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: Naegg
Join Date: December 30th 2013
Card Count: 0052
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October 30th 2013
Joined pairings TCG: recall06; recall09; gaming05; gaming10; academics01; pisces05; crusnik04; feathers08; take over0; gran05
Starter pack bonus: counter04; america07
[1] Traded member card for member card with kiriririgiri
Games festival 14:
Memory challange: trusting02; etu06; sojutsu01; Love Letter
Lottery: iga04
Guess the Number: box01; tauk06
Tic Tac Toe: singing0
Spin the Wheel (pink): Hyrule02; clay04; hyperactive01; zombie09
November 6th 2013
Deck Release 019: deceive8; blindfold05; lostime07; world09; caw01; artificial07; heathaze07; brave06; SP- mascots02
[2] Traded deceive08 for champion02 with kiriririgiri
[3] Traded world09 for hoodie07 kiriririgiri
[4] Traded blidfold05 for fabulous08 kiriririgiri
[5] Traded heathaze07 for honor06 kiriririgiri
[6] Traded brave06 for ink05 kiriririgiri
[7] Traded losttime07 for russia02 kiriririgiri
[8] Traded artificial07 for scold09 kiriririgiri
Games festival 15:
Memory Challange: chariot01; calculation08; absolute05; love letter
Lottery: shy10
Guess the Number: blue03; sannin01
Tic Tac Toe: piercings09
Spin the Wheel (pink): sutras07; bindingrod01; hands03

November 7th
[9] Traded russia02 for gambler04 with Yokatta
[10] Traded calculation08 for gambler05 with Yokatta
[11] Traded Member Card for Member Card with Yokatta
Singles' Claims: conclusions06, world03, world10, wrestler07

November 10th
Puzzle Chain (1/5): harmonious08
Puzzle Chain (2/5): headmaster02, saru06
Puzzle Chain (3/5): kishi07, snowflake04, voxlympha09 Puzzle Chain
(4/5): Love Letter Puzzle Chain
(5/5): purplepotion
 November Release - Deck Release 20!: foreseer08, meimei10, clumsy01, petite01, blackdog10, shiro10, enforcer05, loveless07, SP. - kanemochi05
[12,13] Traded world03, world10 for programmer04, gambler08 with kiriririgiri
[13,14] Traded clumsy01 for photograph07 and Member Card for Member Card with dinos

November 12th
[15,16,17] Traded gambler08/04/05 for light music01/03 and programmer04 with kiriririgiri
[18] Traded petite01 for gangster05 with kiririgiri

November 16th
[19,20] Traded Member Card for Member Card and enforcer05 for recall04 with melloi

November 20th
Singles' Claims: germany08, ruthless01, scorpion09, yousei09
Games Festival 16:
Memory Challenge: vows01, tasla07, mechanics10, Love Letter
Lottery: existence05
Guess the Number: voxaura09, seijuu09
Tic Tac Toe: employee07
Spin the Wheel (red): bizarre01, database09

December 02nd 2013
Freedbies, Round 42 - medium06, heat haze02
Traded gran05 for chariot02 with cureelliott
Games Festival 17:
Memory Challenge: vengeance02, umbralis03, training05, Love Letter
Lottery: chimera09
Guess the Number: gaming01, faith02
Tic Tac Toe: classmate07
Spin the Wheel (pink): fan04, successor04, wisdom03, void08

December 5th 2013
OTP Battles - Round 80: gurren02
[21,22]Traded blackdog10 and shiro07 for programmer04, headmaster07 with chianna
Singles' Claims: gaming07, goodluck07, singer02, singer05
[23,24]Traded singer02,singer05 for chariot06, heir09 with kyousuke

December 9th 2013
December Releases: yuukei05, attention06, yesterday04, imagination04, outer04, theory01, narcolepsy06, mission07
[25] Traded mission07 for outer02 with kyousuke
Gifted yuukei05, attention06, yesterday04, imagination04, theory01, narcolepsy06 and mission07 to kyousuke
Received outer09 from aruyera

December 11th 2013
Deck Donations (outer, imagination): apparition08, perfectpitch01, fragarach02, gitanes03 and love letter
[26] Traded heathaze02 for samezuka05 with kyousuke

December 12th 2013
[27] Traded classmate07 for classical10 with cureelliott

December 18th 2013
Received magician06 from kyousuke as a gift

December 21st 2013
Secret Santa event;
Gifted: chariot01, shy10, 2 love letters
Received: caw07, mechanics10, meimei06, love letter

December 31st 2013
Secret Santa event;
Received: purplepotion, mechanics06, magician09, foreseer09, lightmusic08, classical02, classical06, gangster01, foreseer03, gangster05, gangster01, one love letter,

January 1st 2014
Announcements and survey! ariadne04, university01, goldmoon06, piercings08

January 11th 2014
Yet another announcement...: cabbage08, prussia05, breeder02, knitting02, heart02, lines06, drums09, fireomber10, whitehair11

January 14th 2013
Gifted gaming01, gaming05, gaming07, gaming10, recall04, recall06, recall09, goodluck07, classical02, classical06, classical10, gangster01, gangster01, gangster05, photograph07, lightmusic01, lightmusic03,lightmusic08, programmer03, programmer04, headmaster02, headmaster07, programmer04, kanemochi05, mascots02, mechanics06 and mechanics10 to kyousuke
Received deceive02, deceive05 and deceive10 from kyousuke as gift

colors tcg

Nov. 9th, 2013 02:12 pm
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player » naegg

Player: naegg
Join Date: November 9th 2013
Card Count: 0050
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November 14th 2013
Colors TCG Starter Pack: besek01, snail02, 2-a13, zexen13, dogs06, life energy03 and life energy20
Release 043 - November: mission19, narcolepsy06, stray16, anego05, muscles17, stamina19, deceiving19, favoring09, focusing04, code15, sp. kawasumia09
Gifted: anego05, favoring09, deceiving19, mission19, muscles17, narcolepsy06, stamina19, stray16 to kyousuke
November 15th 2013
Received focusing17 as gift from kyousuke ♥
November 20th 2013
Received lifeenergy14 as gift from kyousuke ♥
November 27th 2013
Received nekomata18 as gift from naoto ♥
Traded zexen13 for pity09 with inarticulate
December 2th 2013
Starter Pack Bonus:  snowmaru20 and 66902
December 5th 2013:
Advent Calendar Day 5: mystery15, pet14
Received lifeenergy12 as holiday gift from Beccastareyes ♥
December 06th 2013
Advent Calendar Day 6: stamina05
Gifted stamina05 to kyousuke
December 07th 2013
Advent Calendar Day 7: travel10
Received nekomata01 as a gift from kyousuke ♥
Received lifeenergy18 as a gift from harukami ♥
December 09th 2013
December Releases: concealing09, steals09, cranes02, humanist17, fourmand20, impostor01, taunts15, kingsaw02, townhall16, idolize06
Gifted concealing09, steals09, cranes02 and humanist17 to kyousuke
Received lifeenergy01 as a gift from adurotum ♥
Received travel05 as a gift from fuselage ♥
Traded townhall16 for candles17 with poland
Received gourmand18 and impostor19 from aruyera ♥
December 11th 2013
Advent Calendar Day 11: recall01, optimistic01
December 16th 2013
Advent Calendar Day 9: deciving04 and favoring04
Gifted deceiving04 and favoring04 to kyousuke
Advent Calendar Day 12: deciving06
Gifted deceiving06 to kyousuke
Advent Calendar Day 13: deceiving13
Gifted deceiving13 to kyousuke
December 18th 2013
Advent Calendar Day 17: gourmand02, cabbage16
Traded cabbage16 for gourmand01 with kyousuke
December 31st 2013
Advent Calendar Day 03: familiar13, single20, chronicle13
Received lifeenergy13 from aruyera as a gift ♥
Beauty Paegeant 73: unitone19,  leopard03, doubledash02, upbeat03, friendly06, sympathetic17
Pick a Color 82!: orbs11, ghost05, scout13, toxic13, collar09, chawamushi06
January 2nd 2014
Advent Calendar Day 01: lifeenergy12
Advent Calendar Day 12: drag18, darkness04, wires12
January 5th 2014
Traded wires12 for health-care15 with mllelaurel
January 9th 2014
January Release 045: opening13, awakening06, mustasim05, leraje04, unpleasant01, meganest17, onii-chan20, teasing20, psychology04, shepherds16, colossi07
Traded awakening06 and onii-chan20 for rare07 and serious05 with kyousuke
January 14th 2013
Gifted travel05, travel10, recall01, optimistic01, mustery15 and health-care15 to kyousuke
Received lifeenergy06 as a gift from kyousuke
Traded psychology04 for travel07 with anruik
Gifted travel07 to kyousuke
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joined  October 30th 2013
card count 0111
level 01

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