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November 14th 2013
Colors TCG Starter Pack: besek01, snail02, 2-a13, zexen13, dogs06, life energy03 and life energy20
Release 043 - November: mission19, narcolepsy06, stray16, anego05, muscles17, stamina19, deceiving19, favoring09, focusing04, code15, sp. kawasumia09
Gifted: anego05, favoring09, deceiving19, mission19, muscles17, narcolepsy06, stamina19, stray16 to kyousuke
November 15th 2013
Received focusing17 as gift from kyousuke ♥
November 20th 2013
Received lifeenergy14 as gift from kyousuke ♥
November 27th 2013
Received nekomata18 as gift from naoto ♥
Traded zexen13 for pity09 with inarticulate
December 2th 2013
Starter Pack Bonus:  snowmaru20 and 66902
December 5th 2013:
Advent Calendar Day 5: mystery15, pet14
Received lifeenergy12 as holiday gift from Beccastareyes ♥
December 06th 2013
Advent Calendar Day 6: stamina05
Gifted stamina05 to kyousuke
December 07th 2013
Advent Calendar Day 7: travel10
Received nekomata01 as a gift from kyousuke ♥
Received lifeenergy18 as a gift from harukami ♥
December 09th 2013
December Releases: concealing09, steals09, cranes02, humanist17, fourmand20, impostor01, taunts15, kingsaw02, townhall16, idolize06
Gifted concealing09, steals09, cranes02 and humanist17 to kyousuke
Received lifeenergy01 as a gift from adurotum ♥
Received travel05 as a gift from fuselage ♥
Traded townhall16 for candles17 with poland
Received gourmand18 and impostor19 from aruyera ♥
December 11th 2013
Advent Calendar Day 11: recall01, optimistic01
December 16th 2013
Advent Calendar Day 9: deciving04 and favoring04
Gifted deceiving04 and favoring04 to kyousuke
Advent Calendar Day 12: deciving06
Gifted deceiving06 to kyousuke
Advent Calendar Day 13: deceiving13
Gifted deceiving13 to kyousuke
December 18th 2013
Advent Calendar Day 17: gourmand02, cabbage16
Traded cabbage16 for gourmand01 with kyousuke
December 31st 2013
Advent Calendar Day 03: familiar13, single20, chronicle13
Received lifeenergy13 from aruyera as a gift ♥
Beauty Paegeant 73: unitone19,  leopard03, doubledash02, upbeat03, friendly06, sympathetic17
Pick a Color 82!: orbs11, ghost05, scout13, toxic13, collar09, chawamushi06
January 2nd 2014
Advent Calendar Day 01: lifeenergy12
Advent Calendar Day 12: drag18, darkness04, wires12
January 5th 2014
Traded wires12 for health-care15 with mllelaurel
January 9th 2014
January Release 045: opening13, awakening06, mustasim05, leraje04, unpleasant01, meganest17, onii-chan20, teasing20, psychology04, shepherds16, colossi07
Traded awakening06 and onii-chan20 for rare07 and serious05 with kyousuke
January 14th 2013
Gifted travel05, travel10, recall01, optimistic01, mustery15 and health-care15 to kyousuke
Received lifeenergy06 as a gift from kyousuke
Traded psychology04 for travel07 with anruik
Gifted travel07 to kyousuke
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