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Nakama TCG Logs

 2013 December, 30th
Joined Nakama TCG
Starter pack: presence02; presence14; friends05; friends08; generosity08; penguins14; puns05; revolver14; teller11; viola08; one pink ticket; drummer03, level004
Dec2013 releases: mirror06, roses06, june15, dancer01, loyal01, ratsbane01, shard01, skypirate01, viera01, burn05, shadows05, channel04, glimmerous07, fine06, puzzles08, fire02, black20, orange09, velvet05, kalos04, puellamagi12
[01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08] Traded roses06, burn05, shadows05, mirror06, june15, fine06, glimmerous07 and teller11 for composed07, luck07, luck09, luck11, monitor01, monitor09, monitor11 and swimmer 12 with kyousuke
2014 January, 2nd
[09,10] Traded velvet05 for swimmer03 and friends13 with glacialphoenix
[11,12] Traded orange09 and mc with ets + received grayticket as a gift
Anniversary event: mask02, presence03, friends15, monitor02, victory05, swimmer01, parallel05, thongs05, bancho11, mirror07, misandry05, ahoge11, inspire03, pierrot15, burn15, gamer09, sweeten02, mystery02, puzzles15, shadows15, tabris05, bunnies01
[13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22] Traded inspire03, ahoge11, bunnies01, gamer09, bancho11, mysstery02, pierrot15, burn15, mirror07, thongs05for diva15, friends01, mask05, mask06, misandry02, misandry03, monitor13, presence01, sweeten04, swimmer02 with kyousuke
[23] Traded shadows15 for teller02 with kyousuke
2014 January, 5th
[24,25,26] Traded ratsbane01 and shards01 for presence07 and presence08 with Admiral. Traded member cards with Admiral.
[27,28,29,30] Traded fire02, puzzles08, skypirate01 and viera01 for mystery11, roses02, risette01 and risette06 with ets
Gifted mystery11, roses02, risette01 and risette06 to kyousuke